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Major Renovations to Ballycorick Church     

Our Parish Council engaged the services of Mr. Tom McGahon, (Architect) to oversee the renovation of our church.

 Work began under the direction of Mr. Paddy Carmody, Building Contractor, Lissycasey, on Mon. 4th  March 2002. Work to be done on the building included the replacement of the roof, dry lining of the interior of the church, reconstruction and extension of the sacristy, alteration to the existing heating and lighting system, restoration of the stained glass window in the sanctuary, provision of a new confessional/crying room in the front porch of the church and a new meeting room overhead the sacristy, utilising existing space. The restoration work took just seven months.

The rededication, of Christ the King Church, Ballycorick, by Bishop Willie Walsh, took place on Sunday October 20th at 3pm. It was an historic occasion. We now have a beautiful, warm, comfortable church, one of the most up to date in the diocese. Our architect, Tom McGahan and contractor, Paddy Carmody along with the sub contractors have done a magnificent job in the restoration.

The church, built in 1861, still retains it’s original character. Being a listed Dúchas building, no changes have taken place to the exterior. It has a new roof while still retaining the old slates. The fine stained glass window, made in Munich in 1840, has been completely restored and still remains the focal point of the sanctuary. The sacristy has been extended and refurbished and a crying room has also been fitted at the end of the main aisle. A complete new heating and sound system has been fitted.

We have had wonderfully successful fundraising events like our two auctions, a fashion show, barbecues, hack on horseback, golf classic, race-nite, a table quiz and many more organised by groups in our parish. All these proved to be very rewarding financially, but also fantastic social events, where people gave generously and also enjoyed being part of a great community. The response to our weekly collection, as well as donations sent from parishioners who have moved on to new homes outside the area and abroad, has been tremendous. We completed payment for our splendid new church in June 2003, a record for any parish! However, in the future there will be ongoing maintenance costs, if we are to maintain the church in it’s present fine state. To meet these ongoing expenses and to provide for any other unforeseen expenditure we are continuing our weekly collection until the end of February 2004.

The project cost almost €500,000.00 (£400,000.00). While we recognise that people always have commitments both personal and to the communities where we live, we know too that they have great affection for their native place and for the church of their Baptism and Marriage. This is the reason we are inviting your support for this project. If you would like to be associated with the project and are in a position to do so we would very much appreciate it. You may wish to send your contribution to any member of the committee or through your own family or directly to:


Ballynacally Church Repair

Beneficiary’s Bank Bank of Ireland Beneficiary A/C No.

Sorting Code No. 90-42-10 16203291


Fergus Credit Union, Lissycasey, Co. Clare. 4461L


All contributions gratefully acknowledged.



Fr. Donnagh O'Meara

Fr. Donagh O'Meara

Fr. Donagh was the parish curate at the time of the church restoration. Donagh had a lot of experience with projects of this size and he worked closely with the parish council in the planning and financing of the restoration.