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Mary Honan
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Fr Albert McDonnell PP
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Fr. Hourigan 065 6834145; 086 8170700

Ballycorick Mass
Saturday Vigil Mass 8pm summertime 7pm winter

No Sunday Morning Mass

(If mass is for a funeral on Sunday then its at 12 Noon)

Lissycasey Mass

No Saturday Vigil Mass

Sunday Mass
12 noon
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St. Therese St Therese

fr. Mike

Fr. Mike from "Ascention Presents" with some videos you like to view

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" Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God’s heart." Padre Pio

Welcome to our parish website

tree god

We are delighted that you have taken the time to visit us. We hope this site will be of help to you.

As a parish community we are always seeking new ways of reaching out to the people of our parish and beyond with the Good News of Christ’s love. So wherever you find yourself today, at work, at home, on the move, be assured that we are united with you in Christian friendship.
Don’t forget that the Parish Team is always available if you wish to drop in or call!

Bishop Fintans Pro Life Pastoral Letter
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Ballynacally/Lissycasey Apostolic display 2018

Ballynacally-Lissycasey Apostolic Society held their annual display in April this year and again displayed a wide range of clothing hand sewn and knitted by dedicated & skilled craftspeople who work selflessly to aid the lives of the less well off in this world. Most of the produce is sent abroad to missionaries to dress young children and help with sun exposure whilst many items are used in the setting up of churches. Some of the work created at this year’s display is available to view on the Apostolic page of this parish website above or CLICK HERE to see their 2018 display,

Parish Finances

We are pleased to publish our parish accounts for 2016. The main figures are

  • Income in 2016                       €79,395.39
  • Expenditure in 2016               €90.035.67
  • Net shortfall in 2016               €10,649.28

A copy of the 2016 report may be consulted by clicking on the financial report below, and can be seen on the notice boards in both our Churches, or copies are available from the parish office. We plan to publish the 2017 financial report shortly.
Our gratitude is due to all who support our parish financially. Your unfailing generosity is greatly appreciated. We are especially grateful to parishioners who use the parish collection envelopes and who sign the CHY3 form which allows the parish to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation (without any extra cost or disadvantage to the parishioner).   We also appreciate the work done by our parish finance council, pastoral councils, parish secretary finance reportand all take care of our finances.  

Albert McDonnell
The Presbytery
Co Clare V95 H221



Confirmation day 2018

Congratulations to the 6th class boys and girls from the schools of the parish who were confirmed on Sunday 25th February. Pictured below are the children with their teachers from the different schools. Click on the images for a LARGER view. More information on confirmation here

Bishop fintan Monaghan school kids communion communion


Bishop Fintan Visit

A beautiful Mass in Ballycorick on Saturday 16th September 2017 celebrated by Bishop Fintan Monahan. Also celebrating were Fr. Joe Hourigan and Fr. Albert McDonnell. It was a privilege to have the Bishop to visit and say Mass in Christ the King Church. 
Thank you to all who helped make it a memorable event in so many ways!

Bishop Fintan said it was "A most pleasant evening with the community of Ballynacally. Many thanks to all involved in the beautiful liturgy & reception after"

Pictured with Bishop Fintan are Fr. Joe, Mary Sheehan Chair of pastoral council, Karen Rynne Clancy parish secretary, Fr. Albert pp, Geraldine Halpin Choir director.Bishop fintan

Fr AlbertNew Parish Priest

It was announced at Mass in Ballycorick recently that Fr Joe Hourigan has stepped down from his role as Parish Priest after many years of service. Fr. Joe will continue to take the lead in the areas of pastoral care and sacramental ministry. Fr Albert McDonnell will take over the role of parish priest of Ballynacally/Lissycasey principally in the area of administration, especially finance, property etc.  Fr Albert who continues as parish priest of Kildysart and Coolmeen/Cranny thanked the people and Fr Hourigan for the warm welcome and looks forward in getting to know people in the parish.


Child Protection

child protection

Click on the image on the right to download the Killaloe Diocese's document on Safeguarding Children, Policy & Procedures pdf


Click on the banner below to see the diocan website for more details on child protection

`child protection in ballynacally lissycasey parish

FR. David Visit

fr davidWe have been blessed to have Fr David residing in our parish recently. We thank God for the wonderful blessings that we have received by having Fr David amongst us and we thank our parishioners for the warm welcome and hospitality that he received during his stay.
Fr David works in the parish of Chikopelo in Tanzania which is about 500km from Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.
Fr David is the only priest in his parish which has a population of 31,000 people!!! There are 13 villages in that parish. He spends a lot of time traveling to each village every few weeks.
There are 3000 people living in Fr David's village approx 1000 of those are Catholic. (Many are Muslims)
There is just one hut to say Mass in per village. They do not have churches like we have here.  
The parishioners are currently building a church in Fr David's parish but work is slow and funds are low.
Families live in mud huts. Their only possessions are a few pots for cooking, a large pot for storing water, and a ‘calabash’ for fetching water, one set of clothes per person (which are worn until they are threadbare), hoe, axe, bow and arrow to protect animals (cows) from lions etc. They sleep on cow skins.  
The parish has a well but people have to walk every day to get water. Some have to walk 10km but others live 70km away from the well. 
Villagers can grow maize and millet for food but it will only grow if they have enough of rainfall. Families eat only one meal per day.
Not every family has the luxury of education. The school is too far away for most children to walk to.
As a child Fr David served mass every morning at 6.30am in the parish of Bihawana. Italian Missionaries called ‘The Passionates’ came to Tanzania in the 1930s and in the 1960’s they came to Fr David's parish. At that time the government stationed them in the villages so it encouraged people to move from the forests into the villages to create congregations.
Fr David was lucky to have received an education. His mother encouraged him to become a priest. The missionaries then asked him to go to college to study law so that he could help the people of his parish to know their rights if accused of a crime and to teach them right from wrong. The majority of parishioners have had no education and so Fr David not only supports them spiritually but helps them to grow crops etc. He realised that they didn’t know how to store the crops so that they would have food for the year so he teaches them ‘life skills’ like this.
This is Fr David’s 6th visit to Ireland. While in Tanzania he met an Irish man who noticed how hard he was working, saying 6 masses per day and helping villagers as much as possible. This man invited him to come to Ireland for a holiday. Fr David accepted the invitation and spent two months in Lough Derg near Donegal. Irish pilgrims visit the island as a form of penance but Fr David told them that they were spoiled with running water and eating more than once per day! He then travelled to Co Clare and stayed in our parish for the remainder of that trip. Since then he has visited this parish every year. Funds were raised within the parish and its cluster to help make life a little easier for Fr. Davids parishoners.


A minute of early morning Heavenly Bird songs in the parish at 5am on April 21st 2017. If you listen carefull you can hear the newly arrived Cuckoo, a passing Crow and the full back up symphony. Click on the Robin above to listen

Count your blessings

Count your blesscount your blessingsings instead of your crosses;    
Count your gains instead of your losses.

Count your smiles instead of your tears;         
Count your courage instead of your fears.

Count your health instead of your wealth;       
Love your neighbour as much as yourself.


Troubled Times

During these troubled times the Killaloe Diocese JPIC committee encourages all parishioners to pray for peace in our world. Recently we have seen a dramatic rise in terror attacks throughout our world and the loss of life is disgraceful and shocking.
God of all, why is there crying? Let us hear the cries of those whose lives have been changed irreparably through the evil of terrorism and respond with love 
God of all, who is praying? Let us pray for the young lives being lost, for the hopes and dreams cut short,  for the families who are broken apart, asking for comfort and for justice. Father in Heaven, listen to us, hear us and grant us your peace.   


graveyards in ballynacally lissycasey parish

Mass for the blessing of the new Kilchreest Graveyard images here

Audio of the Kilchreest Graveyard Mass here(Grave blessing at 20:30 minutes)

More info on all the parish graveyards here



St Martin’s Well:
Each year a Prayer Service takes place at St Martin’s Well, Ballynacally to mark the occassion of the wonderful tradition of pilgrims visiting the Holy Well.  On St. Martin’s Day 11th November, every year, it is an inspiring sight to see the constant stream of pilgrims st martins wellmake their way to the shrine, some old, many in the full flush of youth, but all with a deep faith in the ability of the Saint to cure their ills. 

They kneel on the concrete surface of the sanctuary, pray and light candles. Only the murmur of the waters and an occasional gust of wind through the trees disturbs the silence.

Before leaving, they bathe their eyes with water from the holy well. It is widely believed that blindness, rheumatism and many minor ailments can be cured here. Some images here

st martinPrayers with Fr. Joe at the Blessed well in November 2017

Radharc na nOilean

Due to a shortage of priests the decision was taken to cluster parishes. Our parish will river shannon estuary islandscluster with Coolmeen, Cranny, and Kildysart and is given the name Radharc na N'Oilean due to our proximity to the islands in the Shannon estuary. Masses for the Radharc na nOilean Cluster have changed to cope with this shortage of priests in the area.

The cluster will have fewer masses as a result. These new changes in Mass times came into effect beginning on the weekend of 5th/6th April 2014.


For your information you can also find the times of Masses and other Ceremonies on the newsletter page above.



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Fr Albert McDonnell PP

heart cpr

One day You may be needed to Save a life, click HERE and watch the video.
Lissycasey/Ballynacally Defibrillators are provided for your care should you need them. More info HERE also

Pilgrim Icon
History of Mother’s Day: In Ireland and the UK, the original event had nothing to do with mothers at all; it was a day for Christians to visit their "mother" church. In the past, domestic servants were given the day off to return to their hometown and worship with their families. On their way home, these youths would pick wild flowers to place in the church - or give to their mums. In Ireland and the UK, the date is linked to Easter; it always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Prayer to Mary, Mother of the Life Within O Mary, Mother of the Life Within, all life we entrust to you; The life of every expectant mother and the child within her womb: The life of every human body, the life of every human soul; The life of every newborn child and the life of all grown old. You held the Lord to your own heart and drew Him so close in. So draw us now in all our needs, O Mother of the Life Within. Amen. The Pilgrim Icon of Divine Mercy Bringing Graces to each Parish, Home, Family & Devotee! The Pilgrim Icon of Divine Mercy has been donated to our parish. It is available from the Parish Office so we encourage people/families to invite Jesus the Divine Mercy into their homes for one week. Once a day for 7 days, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of the Pilgrim Icon consecrating your home and your family to Divine Mercy. Make it a very special week in your life with Divine Mercy as an honoured guest! Phone the Parish Office on 065-6838135 Tues-Thurs 10am -3pm or text 087-4160385 to request the icon for your home for a week
Prayer to St Therese
O Little Therese of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the heavenly gardensst therese and send it to me as a message of love. O Little Flower of Jesus, ask God to grant the favors I now place with confidence in your hands . .
(mention in silence here)

St. Therese, help me to always believe as you did in God's great love for me, so that I might imitate your "Little Way" each day. Amen.

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Information on local graveyards in Ballynacally and Lissycasey was compiled in recent years and is available on the Clare library site.

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Always Remember to Say
Please, Thank You, Sorry…..

Celebrate Happy Moments,
and individual successes. Value everyone’s achievements,
however insignificant they may appear.

Respect each other’s Freedom
Everyone needs space, some more than others.

Give a Kind Look
Never underestimate the value of a gaze of love.

Learn to Forgive.
Before we can forgive others we must learn to forgive ourselves.
Be slow to point out the limitations of a loved one.

Listen to the Older Members
of the family tell their stories and, encourage children and
adolescents to do so.

Be Slow to Judge
another whose situation you do not fully understand.

Always Find Time
for family prayer, even a few moments every day.